proWIN Foundation

The proWIN Foundation was established in 2010 with the aim of sustainably improving the lives of children in need in Germany and abroad.
The organisation was recognised as a foundation with legal capacity under civil law by the Saarland Ministry of the Interior and European Affairs on 23 March of the same year.

Measures of the foundation

  • Promotion of (pre-)school facilities
  • Promoting the construction of new and supporting existing medical facilities
  • Support for the establishment of children's and youth villages
  • Any kind of support for children and young people in disaster areas
  • Promotion of projects that are supported by tax-privileged organisations and serve to ensure a dignified life for children and young people and their social integration
  • Promoting the inclusion and/or integration of children and young people
  • Promotion of cultural and musical projects and events with children and young people, provided that children in need within the meaning of the statutes also participate and benefit from them
  • Promoting measures to encourage the initiative and personal responsibility of disadvantaged children and young people

Frequently asked questions

Who established the proWIN Foundation?
The proWIN Foundation was set up by the proWIN founding family (the Winter and Schäfer families).
Since when the proWIN Foundation existed?
The certificate of recognition of the legal capacity of the "proWIN Foundation" was issued on 23 March 2010. (in the sense of § 80 BGB). Announcement in the official gazette of the Saarland by the foundation authorities.
What are the primary funding objectives of the proWIN Foundation?
The funds provided are channelled into social projects for children and young people in Germany and abroad. Under certain conditions, individual cases can also be supported.
Who represents the proWIN Foundation?
The Board members of the proWIN Foundation are Ingolf Winter, Gabi Winter, Stefan Schäfer, Sascha Winter and Michael Winter. The term of office of the Board of Directors is 5 years. The members of the Board of Directors perform their duties on an honorary basis.
How much is the foundation capital?
The foundation is endowed with cash assets of € 100,000. This must be maintained permanently and undiminished. The administrative costs of the foundation are to be covered in advance from the income and donations. The financial year corresponds to the calendar year.

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Gabi Winter, Curator
Gabi Winter, Curator