Sponsors of the proWIN Foundation

Together with sponsors, the proWIN Foundation realises numerous projects.

proWIN Winter GmbH

proWIN Winter GmbH has been supporting the realisation of selected projects as a sponsor since 2016. proWIN Winter GmbH, based in Saarland, was founded in 1995 and is one of the most successful direct sales companies in Europe. In addition to value-orientated entrepreneurship, proWIN stands for a responsible and sustainable overall approach, which also includes social commitment.

proWIN pro nature Foundation

Together with the proWIN Foundation, the pro nature Foundation is committed to supporting the voluntary work of numerous associations and initiatives. The pro Saarland Foundation Gala is a funding campaign organised by the proWIN Foundation and the proWIN pro nature Foundation. The proWIN pro nature Foundation is a non-profit proWIN organisation that is committed to environmental and species protection, including the fields of environmental education and training.