18th November 2012, Illingen (Saar)

Record donation for the RTL telethon

Many people looked at Ingolf open-mouthed. Did he really just say something about a million euros?
Even Wolfram Kons, presenter and face of the RTL Spendenmarathon and chairman of the RTL foundation "Wir helfen Kindern" (We help children) initially had his doubts about the credibility of this daring statement. "With the help of our sales organisation, we will collect one million euros in donations in 2010 and hand them over in November."

Even if things didn't always run like clockwork with the Thai brooms, a solution was found that allowed them to keep their word. After all, proWIN had placed the 2010 anniversary year under the umbrella of humanitarian aid. The sales department had pledged its support and stood by its word.

Thanks to the €288,000 that flowed to the Thai mountain village as help for self-help as part of the broom orders and the €800,000 that the proWIN sales team generated together, it was possible to issue and present a cheque for €1,088,000. The 800,000 alone, which flowed entirely into the donation pool of the marathon charity show, represented the absolute record donation in the 15-year history of the fundraising programme.
So it's no wonder that proWIN turned up at the RTL studio in Hürth-Kaltscheuren with almost 40 cheerful sales staff. Many proWIN girls were already live in the studio on the donation phones from midday and helped to raise the total donation amount to almost 8 million euros. There were meet and greets with various celebrities from the worlds of sport and culture as an encore, and many photos were taken for those who stayed at home or for the children.

Ingolf's big moment came at the end of the 24-hour marathon. He was the last to present his cheque and tell the broom story. Thanks to proWIN, a new donation record was achieved.
Donation amount
1,088,000 € (thereof 100,000 € from the proWIN Foundation)